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Well, hello there, fancy seeing you here!

I'm delighted you're here, and I hope that you'll be just as happy writing for me. To make a long preamble short, I'll be happy with most anything from the fluffiest smut to the filthiest, and there are a lot of delicious kinks waiting for you below that you're welcome to peruse at your leisure and mix up any way you like for the pairings they're matched with. I've kept the prompts intentionally a little vague to give you more freedom to decide what to write and which kinks to include, but you're just as welcome to discard them and focus on an idea of your own!

If we only happened to match on one single pairing&kink and the rest aren't for you, please feel to focus on that one thing. There is too little smut for all and any pairings in this list, so you'll be doing a great service to fandom no matter what you do!

Some general likes and dislikes first, then the fandoms with ideas.

General Likes

+ enthusiastic consent, enthusiasm in general
+ trust, loyalty, dedication and respect between partners, or learning that
+ UST, mutual pining, slow-burn romance before the payoff
+ banter, laughter, teasing, experimentation, imperfect sex
+ physical affection, touch, kissing, casual intimacy, comfort sex
+ hair-brushing/hair play, massages, bathing/water, sensation play
+ porn as character study

General Squicks

- sexualized violence, rape, non-con, dub-con
- humiliation, infantilization, A/B/O
- cannibalism, graphic gore, graphic torture, body horror, necrophilia
- watersports, scat, emetophila and a focus on bodily fluids in general
- sibling incest, caretaker or parent/child incest (or similar dynamics without blood relation), underage
- character hate and bashing

If you want to snope through the things I've written, you can find me at [ profile] innin.

* * *

The Silmarillion

Aerin/Morwen: Aftercare, Comfort Sex, Endearments, Gentle Dom, Hair Brushing, Lazy/Gentle Sex, Light Bondage, Massage, Sensation Play, Sex for Warmth, Talked to Orgasm, Wax Play

+ Aerin and Morwen support each other through the Easterling occupation. At times Aerin needs to take the power from her hands and the burdens off her shoulders to show her that there is someone she can trust, and that not all is yet lost. At other times, it's the other way around.

+ Any kink works for a focus; divide or combine as it fits best for you.

Galadriel/Melian, Galadriel/Lúthien, Galadriel/Varda, Idril/Meleth: Begging, Body Worship, Endearments, Orgasm Delay/Denial, Power Dynamics, Power Imbalance, Pussy Worship, Reward, Role Reversal, Seduction, Sex Magic, Sex with Authority Figures, Titles/Honorifics, Topping from the Bottom/Pushy Bottoms, Verbal Bondage/Honor Bondage

+ Authority figures and the people in their lives! Whichever way you want to write their dynamics is fine with me, but I'd love for the trust between them to be a central element, in particular because of the power imbalance. I also love love love the characters messing with and manipulating the (perceived) power structures, especially on a psychological level, as long as the mutual consent stays clear.

+ Idril and Meleth having fun together one boring day in Gondolin. Anything goes.

+ Galadriel is sent up to Taniquetil, to serve Varda and humble herself, perhaps as punishment for her pride escalating a fraught situation with Fëanor (please not the hair question since I do not believe she was not wrong in denying him), but the lesson she takes is a very different one: how to best seduce the Queen of the Valar, even if that involves going on her knees.

+ Melian as Galadriel's mentor figure in Doriath, and rewarding her with sex for lessons learned. Galadriel proves more adaptive than Melian anticipated (or did she?) and uses the situation to her own advantage. Can follow the above in terms of continuity, but doesn't have to, but please no Galadriel/Lúthien on the side if you end up picking this pairing to write about.

+ Galadriel and Lúthien butting heads. Both of them are royalty, stubborn, and very strong characters in their own rights; it would not be surprising to see them clash. When Galadriel comes to Doriath in the early days, they take a while to work things out between them, sex and everything included. If you decide to write this pairing for me and the question comes up, I'd prefer there to be no side-relationships other than a normal mentor-student one between Galadriel and Melian.

Anairë/Eärwen, Finduilas/Niënor: Bath Sex, Beach Sex, Banter, Courtship, Endearments, Hair Kink, Hand-holding During Sex, Hot Springs & Onsen, Jewelry, Laced fingers, Pining, sex in water, Sharing, Fantasies, Shower Sex, Teasing, Undressing Their Partner

+ All the water-based tropes! Fluffy, happy smut and/or a sensual focus would be great to read for these two pairings; unfortunately I forgot to include sensation play in the kinks for these pairings, but if you'd like to include it, please be my guest. Just... hmn, water, hair washing and bathing, the scent of soap...

+ Niënor comes to Nargothrond and falls in love with its princess, and one day in the baths discovers just how delightfully requited her feelings are.

+ Anairë and Eärwen after the Exile of the Noldor, starting over and healing together, having lots of sex in the process and finding out that pearl necklaces make great pervertibles. Mmm.

Lord of the Rings: All Media Types

Arwen Undómiel/Gilraen: Body admiration, Body Worship, Cunnilingus, Dancing, Fantasizing, Friends to Lovers, Hand & Finger Kink, Laced fingers, Lingerie, Naked Cuddling, Mutual Masturbation, Rain Sex, Trust Kink

+ Gilraen comes to Rivendell, and she instead of Aragorn falls in love with Arwen that day in the garden. I'm equally fine with this being an AU where their feelings are mutual and Arwen pledges herself to Gilraen, or Gilraen fantasizing about her and imagining might-have-beens.

Mithrellas/Nimrodel, Galadriel/Mithrellas/Nimrodel, Éowyn/Tar-Míriel: Claiming Bites, Enemies to Lovers, Established Relationship, Language Barrier, Outdoor Sex, Power Dynamics, Non-Consensual Voyeurism, Voice Kink, Unwelcome Arousal, Voyeurism, Slap Slap Kiss

+ Galadriel comes to Lothlórien in her endeavours to unite the Elves against the growing threat of Sauron in the Second Age, but finds Nimrodel and her lover far less amenable, perhaps even hostile, to her and her plans than anticipated. They need convincing, and Galadriel has many charms, but even so it takes her a while. Manipulation, roughness and reluctant attraction on both sides are very okay here.

+ Mithrellas and Nimrodel in an established relationship - either in Lothlórien, or featuring Mithrellas finding Nimrodel again and taking ship to Valinor with her where they settle down for a new life.

+ I'm a fan of the Witchking Tar-Míriel headcanon. After her defeat on the Pelennor, she continues to haunt Éowyn, who resorts to desperate measures to banish her. Dark, obviously, but doesn't need to be unremittingly so.

The Hobbit: All Media Types

+ I'm not a fan of the treatment the final movie gave Tauriel, so other than her fighting in the Five Armies, please ignore it exists and focus on the fun things that might happen before it, or after a long-enough time to recover. Any kink goes for any pairing, and feel free to toss LaCE considerations right out of the window. The movies are bare-bones Tolkien anyway, so I don't feel beholden to canon very much, and either way, those are the Laws and Customs of the Eldar, while Mirkwood seems to have a sizable Avarin community on top of the Sindarin incomers after the First Age. Any kink goes for any pairing.

Galadriel/Tauriel, Tauriel/Lírien, Tauriel/Lírien/Original Female Character(s), Tauriel/Original Female Character(s): Banter, Competence Kink, Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen, Hand & Finger Kink, Held Down, Licking, Limit Testing, Loyalty, Military Kink, Multiple Orgasms, Pegging, Strap-Ons, Wall Sex, Weapons Kink

+ The ladies of the Mirkwood Guard have themselves some team-building funtimes or participate in one of Thranduil's famous revels during a night off, or how about some voluntary, recreational use of aphrodisiacs/sex pollen that might grow in the deep dark of Mirkwood?

+ Tauriel has a civilian lover who really, really loves the military and all that comes with it.

+ Tauriel travels the world. Either she goes somewhere far away off the maps, to Rivendell where she meets Lírien of the skilled fingers (and her girlfriend) or to Lórien, where she's caught up in her fascination with Galadriel.

Stand Still, Stay Silent

+ I'm still in the honeymoon phase with this fandom, and I love everything about the comic, from the post-apocalyptic setting to the horror, magic, the hilarity, and the team dynamics. Mismatched adventurers with pretty good signs of potential ftw!

+ I'd love it if the fic you wrote me had some of the comic's tone and humor, and at least a little bit of background/immersion in the world rather than totally contextless porn.

+ The ideas below are suggestions only. I've left things intentionally vague with regards to the kinks so you can work with the ones we matched on, or go for your own ideas if they suggested a different scenario to you and you'd rather write that. Have fun, I'll love it no matter what!

Lalli/Emil, Reynir/Lalli, Reynir/Lalli/Emil: Awkward Sex, Biting, Blow Jobs, Dream Sex, Drug-Induced Sex/Sex Pollen, Forced Eye Contact, Hair Kink, Hand Jobs, Intercrural Sex, Language Barrier, Possessive Behavior, Praise Kink, Sex Magic, Sex on the Astral Plane, Sharing a Bed, Shyness, Sleepy Sex, Trying to Stay Quiet, Unwelcome Arousal, Love Potion/Spell

+ Emil and Lalli figure out how to take their canon relationship a step further, and how far Lalli in particular is willing to take it, either during rare private moments on the mission or after. (Bonus for Lalli biting or forcing eye contact, and Emil being really into it. That, and the sound of Finnish.)

+ Reynir and Lalli train magic together in the dream-world and grow closer in the process. Lots of fumbling and happy awkwardness on the astral plane ensues. Mikkel quietly despairs of all the sheet-washing he has to do.

+ For the threesome, a continuation of the prompt above: Emil becomes jealous of their new closeness, so Lalli and Reynir conspire to bring him into their relationship, possibly even work together to get him into the dream-world for undisturbed quality time.

+ For either pairing or the threesome: Lalli returns from a scouting trip covered in sex pollen, or Reynir practices galdrastafir from some dubious Year 0 book on magic, and accidentally ends up unleashing a love/lust spell on the other two that can only be undone by sex. Between them, they work things out. (In both cases, it'd be great if this pushed them to act on attraction that already existed before.)

Sigrun/Emil: Accidental Stimulation, Cunnilingus, Femdom, Fire play, Gun Kink, Injured Sex, Military Kink, Pegging, Scar Exploration, Sex for Warmth, Sex with Authority Figures, Sharing Body Heat, Trapped in a Small Space, Trying to Stay Quiet, Wax Play, Weapons Kink

+ Sigrun and Emil get stuck in close quarters on a mission and are waiting for rescue, or need to share body heat during a particularly cold night they're marooned outside. Being pressed up against his Captain does things to Emil. Sigrun takes pity as long as they can do it without bringing every grossling in the vicinity down on them. Title shout-out. Ehehehe. *cough*

+ Sigrun is injured during their mission. She's bed-ridden, bored, cranky, and in need of cheering up, and lets Emil know that in no uncertain terms when he comes to change her bandages. Just admiring her scars and military prowess is not quite what she had in mind. ("Emil. You talk too much. Use your mouth.")

+ Post-mission celebration in Mora. Sigrun pegs the hell out of Emil and indulges his passion for fire (and other kinks) in new and exciting ways.

Sigrun/Female Hunter Captain: Adrenaline, Face-Sitting, Fingerfucking, Finger Sucking, Knifeplay, Limit Testing, Rough Sex, Weapons Kink, Victory Sex

+ Norwegians working hard and playing hard! Sigrun's fellow female captain on page 200 strikes me as the obvious partner, but if you want to make up someone else, feel free!

+ Limit Testing as preparation for troll fights, with other fun play thrown into the mix!

+ Post-fight adrenaline-laden victory sex! Go as rough and wild as you like, as long as they're both into it! No shame corners for Sigrun here!

Sigrun/Siv, Tuuri/Sigrun: Endearments, Sex Toys, 'Thank God We're Alive' Sex, Porn Watching, Reading Porn Mags, Vibrators, Strap-Ons, Cunnilingus, Seduction

+ The team accidentally hits a sex shop instead of their intended looting target. Sigrun proceeds to bring back goodies regardless, much to everyone's bafflement about erotica novels, sex gramophones and magazines full of airbrushed, naked women from Year 0. Tuuri shows Sigrun the joys of... recreational reading. Sigrun reciprocates. It's all platonic and in good fun. Right?

+ It's not. Mission entanglements and complications arise when Tuuri's crush on Sigrun goes full-blown and they have to deal with it for the duration of the expedition until they can shed their command structure and figure things out.

+ Again with the sex shop idea: Sigrun brings back more than just books, mags and DVDs. Back in Mora and after all proper decontamination procedures, she unveils her stash of liberated toys for the delectation of either Tuuri or Siv. (If Siv, please include a hint that she's in an open relationship with Torbjörn rather than making this an infidelity issue?)

+ Shortly before the projected end of the expedition, the team runs into trouble, contact is lost, and they're given up for lost. When they return after all, Sigrun has to do a lot of apologizing to do to either Siv or Tuuri.

* * *

And that's it, I think! I can't thank you enough for being part of this magnificent exchange. But now... let's all make smut! Onward, you brave soul! If anything is unclear, anon commenting *should* be on, and I don't mind elaborating.

Trick or Treat

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 10:17
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Hello there!

I hope this letter inspires you, but most of all thank you for writing for me and sharing some of my interests! My love for Tolkien's world is nearly boundless, and in fic I enjoy femslash, gen, het and slash as well as poly relationships (so that's everything, really). I've added some ships I particularly love to the character sections where applicable. Tricks and Treats or any mix of both are equally welcome and don't strictly need to correspond to my requests if you have another idea you'd rather write.

I'm Innin on AO3 as well.


+ Trick: Supernatural creatures
+ Trick: Psychological and existential horror
+ Trick: Fridge horror
+ Trick: Darkfic and dark AUs

+ Treat: Hurt/comfort, angst, bittersweet stories
+ Treat: Fluff (any rating)
+ Treat: Family relationships, including found families
+ Treat: Trust, devotion and loyalty


- cannibalism, graphic gore, graphic torture, body horror, necrophilia
- sexualized violence, rape, non-con, dub-con
- sibling incest, parent/child incest (or similar dynamics between adopted siblings or grown-up children and their caretakers), underage, kink
- character hate and bashing

The Silmarillion

+ Eluréd and Elurín: Did they die in Doriath and clung to it, perhaps becoming houseless and out for revenge, or did someone (Nellas? Melian? Elwing?) find and shelter them?

+ Faniel, Findis, Írimë, Indis, Nerdanel: How did they experience the Darkening, having never known anything except light, were there other creatures creeping into the darkened Valinor? Can include Findis/Elemmírë or Indis/Nerdanel.

+ Finrod: - werewolf!Finrod, undead!Finrod or twisted!Finrod returning to Nargothrond against expectation to make the life of the Fëanorians hell for betraying him? (Sauron isn't called the Necromancer for nothing, and this honestly feels like a missed attempt). Can be Finrod/Curufin if made psychologically creepy. Or surviving his ordeal and being comforted by Beren and Lúthien (in any way you like, including sex).

+ Maedhros: The trick poster child! Some ideas: Came back wrong from Angband, fighting against possible mind-washing leading him to assault or betray his people, being literally haunted by the dead of the kinslayings? Or fluffy poly hurt/comfort with Fingon and his wife helping him shoulder some issues?

+ Maglor: Wandering, with the sea or the Silmaril as sentient forces? A good old-fashioned ghost-story, perhaps some horror that's sung into being out of the Noldolantë, or the wraiths of his dead brothers? (A treat could be Elrond finding him and breaking that spell.) Maglor in modern day becoming recognized as an elf (or at least not human) and being hunted by some morally shady corporation? A treat could be set in the same 'verse, with him either finding some Elf who stayed in the modern world, or being taken home to Valinor by someone coming to the rescue? Perhaps Maglor's wife?

+ Míriel: Set in Cuiviénen and dealing with the shadow-shapes roaming the hills? Maybe her silver hair is not silver by nature, but is the elvish equivalent of turning white-haired from fright? (Shush, I know it's not physically possible, but I love this trope and don't care.) In Vairë's service, did she have a way of influencing fate via her work on the tapestries, did she use it toward good or evil, what were the consequences? Treats could involve a poly relationship with Finwë and Indis helping her survive Fëanor's birth sharing their strength. Can be Míriel/Indis, Míriel/Indis/Finwë or Míriel/Vairë.

The Lord of the Rings

+ Adûnaphel: I'm forever grateful for whoever came up with the idea of a female Ringwraith! I'd love a fic about her time of power (if her name is any indication, she must be a Black Númenorean), accepting her Ring, or the way she attracted Sauron's attention - what made her a valuable servant and future Ringwraith - ruthlessness, cunning, something else entirely? Did she have a lover, or family?

+ The Army of the Dead: I keep wondering about Isildur's curse and how he was able to condemn them - that moment from the perspective of one of the Dead would be really interesting. What was Aragorn's coming like to them, were there any Oathbreakers among the host who were not looking for redemption?

+ Lobelia Sackville-Baggins: Lobelia is the best. Her final stand of thrashing the ruffians with her umbrella is one of my favourite moments of the book, and it'd be great to read what else she did during the occupation of the Shire, and if you want to throw in spooky or scary elements (did any of Saruman's magic cause havoc or ensured the Hobbits stay in line?), that would be awesome!

+ Old Man Willow: I love Old Man Willow and his unexplained malice. Who or what is he? A Huorn who grew evil and treeish, or perhaps a houseless elf who possessed this particular willow tree? I read speculations once that being "a mighty singer" might mean he really was Maglor or Daeron who faded during their respective wanderings, and I'm very here for that idea as well.

The Hobbit

+ Galadriel, The Necromancer: Give me something about the assault of the White Council on Dol Guldur, please! (Though I'd prefer movieverse lite that doesn't involve Galadriel's sea-witch form when she confronts Sauron, or the way she's suddenly damselled - I don't imagine magic taking a toll manifesting as rolling around the floor). I'd love something from Sauron's perspective as well! If we've also matched on the Silmarillion, parallels with Lúthien's attack on Tol Sirion would be more than welcome, and it could also involve memories of Galadriel/Lúthien.


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